Power lunches will never be the same. Our new summer menus have just launched, and we are so excited to share our new favourites with you! Check out our feature summer lunch items below.

Teppan Bistro Fillet Steak

Don’t miss this new sizzling delight – our Teppan Bistro Fillet Steak features 50z of tender sliced steak, sous-vide egg, fragrant garlic rice, shiitake mushrooms, corn, and kimchi, finished with sweet soy reduction. Pair it with a cold draft beer to satisfy even the largest lunch cravings.

Umami Lunch Duo

We’ve expanded our Umami Lunch Duo choices! Now you can have a choice of any ramen with our tasty appetizers, crispy gyoza, or juicy bao sandwiches!

Cold Katsuo Umami Ramen

Our Cold Katsuo Umami Ramen uses an umami-packed soy based bonito broth and is topped with tender chicken char siu, soft tamago, red cabbage, and crispy katsuo bushi.

Ramen Noodle Salad

No ramen-or-salad dilemmas here! Featuring your choice of protein between prawn, chicken, or miso tofu, as well as your choice of sauce, this refreshing lunch bowl is topped with soft tamago, tomato, corn, asian slaw, broccolini, and is finished with fragrant cilantro.

Check out our full summer lunch menu here, and book now to try our new menu today.