Dine Out at Gyoza Bar

Dine Out Vancouver is back for its 2019 season, and we’re excited to be participating again with an exclusive Dine Out 2019 dinner menu!

Customize your favourite gyoza, entrée, and dessert together for the ultimate Gyoza Bar Dine Out experience. We are also offering a full vegetarian three-course menu for $22.

Check out the photo preview of our diverse menu options below, and click here to see the full menu.

The early bird gets the worm, so book early for best availability.

Left to right: Rice Pudding with Mango Sorbet, Spicy Aka Tonkotsu Ramen with Dashi Poached Half Lobster Tail, Sweet Soy Glazed Vegetable Gyoza

Left to right: Miso Baked Scallop Bao Board with Kombu Butter Poached Half Lobster Tail, Rice Pudding with Mango Sorbet, Fraser Pork Teppan Gyoza

Left to right: Rice Pudding with Mango Sorbet, Miyazaki Chicken Nanban Bao Board with Kombu Butter Poached Half Lobster Tail, Crispy Shoyu Vegetable Gyoza



Customize your own Gyoza Bar Dine Out experience

New Midsummer Dishes at Gyoza Bar

Our new midsummer dishes at Gyoza Bar are sure to spice up your nights out. Swing by during dinner and try our new Soft Shell Crab Karaage, Teppan Pork Mantou Bites, Chilled Uni Udon, and Bistro Style Tenderloin Bao Board.

Chilled Uni Udon

Here to cool you down for the summer, our new Chilled Uni Udon has our house made noodles tossed in a creamy uni sauce, served with poached prawns, refreshing kale and tomato salad with white balsamic vinaigrette, and finished with fresh green onion garnish.


Soft Shell Crab Karaage

New to our Small Plates menu, our Soft Shell Crab Karaage is a great starter for any dinner. Our crispy battered soft shell crab is served with chili tomato scallion sauce and aromatic cilantro.


Teppan Pork Mantou Bites

Another Small Plates newcomer, the Teppan Pork Mantou Bites features our juicy and local Fraser Valley pork, and is served in a sizzling traditional imono cast iron pan with an umami ginger shoyu sauce.


Bistro Style Tenderloin Bao Board

We’ve changed up our Bao Board options for a fresh take on this interactive dish! Our newest Bistro Style Tenderloin Bao Board is paired with a zesty gremolata, kimchi, and gochujang sauce. As always, this delicious board is served with two pillow soft bao buns and fresh lettuce.


View our full dinner menu here, and book in advance for best availability.

Gyoza Bar x Buy BC’S Eat Drink Local

Our Pork Teppan Gyoza uses pork sourced from the Fraser Valley



For the month of May, we’re partnering with Buy BC’s Eat Drink Local campaign to celebrate BC-produced goods. This feature menu will highlight local beverages, as well as dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

Our favourites? Definitely the hearty Gyoza Bar Japanese Karaage Curry, crispy Pork Teppan Gyoza, and our new Strange Fellows Guardian White IPA.

“It’s an easy choice to support the community when the quality speaks for itselfWe take pride in being a BC business, and we’re so excited to be able to represent our province with this initiative.”

-Owner and CEO Seigo Nakamura

Check out our Eat Drink Local feature menu below.


Please note: This menu is available during lunch only.


Sakura Features at Gyoza Bar

Gyoza Bar Presents: Brunch!

Valentine’s Day at Gyoza Bar

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Gyoza Bar way with our special Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two! Perfect for sharing, this casual, romantic dinner features your choice of beverages, small plate, signature sizzling gyoza, and juicy bao board with two proteins.

Stay warm this Valentine’s Day with our hearty dishes and attentive service. Check out a preview of our Valentine’s menu below.

Click here to see our full Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two menu.

Don’t miss this limited time dinner feature, grab your date and book now for best availability!

Beef Tenderloin Tataki small plate with cilantro garlic nước chấm vinaigrette, vermicelli, and market greens

Our signature Pork Teppan Gyoza with spicy miso and umami soy

Enjoy a Bao Board with your choice of two proteins, served with bao buns, lettuce, sides, and sauces

Pair your dinner with your choice of beverage, from a sleeve of Sapporo to our House Wine

Dine Out Vancouver 2018 Sneak Preview

We’re stoked to be participating in Dine Out Vancouver again this year! For 2018, we’ve created two exciting menus to celebrate this annual foodie festival with our guests.

Check out a sneak preview of our lunch and dinner prix fixe menus below, and see the full menu here.

Dine Out Vancouver runs from January 19 – February 4 this year. Remember, the early bird gets the worm, so book now for best availability!


Gyoza Bar Teishoku Set


Jidori Chicken Gyoza

Crispy Vegetable Gyoza

Bistro Beef Steak Bao Board

Spicy Vegetable Miso Tofu Mazemen

Sakura Mochi

Fall Season Menu Highlights: Dinner

Fall is here, and so is ramen season! We’ve rounded up our highlights for must-try menu items this chilly season to stay warm and cozy with:

Sweet Soy Glazed Pork Meatball

These juicy pork meatballs are glazed with a sweet soy reduction and served with a refreshing romaine cilantro salad, pickled onion, and finished with a soft sous-vide egg.

Chicken Sui Gyoza

Steamed instead of pan fried for a chewy, tender exterior, our Chicken Sui Gyoza is packed with umami flavour and is paired with an addictive sweet and sour scallion sauce.

Tokumori Char Siu Aka Tonkotsu Ramen

Attention all Char Siu lovers! One of the new additions to our ramen lineup, this bowl of rich, pork based broth ramen is topped with an astounding 8 slices of mouthwatering pork char siu, chewy kikurage, spicy aromatic akadama, and drizzled with housemade chili oil.

Golden Bao Fritter

The texture of the Golden Bao Fritter is simply divine- crispy on the outside, yet pillowy soft on the inside. Lightly deep fried, this after meal treat is served with citrus yuzu marmalade, sweet condensed milk, and our feature ice cream.

Check out our full dinner menu here, and join us for a cozy fall evening today!



New: Bao Platters To-Go

Our Bao Sandwiches are now available to order to-go as a platter!

Perfect for your next event with friends, family, or colleagues, our Bao Platters are sure to impress for any occasion. Choose from Chicken Karaage, Pulled Pork, Vegetable Tempura Fritter, or an assortment of all three types.

Our Chicken Karaage Bao Sandwich (left) features our crispy chicken karaage, refreshing asian slaw, and creamy tartar sauce.

Our Pulled Pork Bao Sandwich (center) presses our juicy pulled pork together with pickled jalapeño, sweet soy glaze, and cucumber.

Finally, our Vegetable Tempura Fritter Bao Sandwich (right) includes crunchy vegetable tempura fritter, butter lettuce, spicy gochujang, refreshing asian slaw, and aromatic cilantro.

Order your Bao Platters to-go here. Or, dine in with us to enjoy our bao sandwiches at the restaurant!