Artistry & Design


Restaurant Design by Sara Gillespie

Gyoza Bar was designed by Sara Gillespie of Live By Design. The small design company focuses on sustainability in design wherever possible, whether it’s using reclaimed or low carbon footprint materials, to choosing local sources and suppliers, to specifying low VOC paints and flooring finishes.

Taking inspiration from the more casual, comfort food on the Gyoza Bar menu, we knew that the space had to be welcoming and easygoing. That was simple enough to achieve, but to stand apart from all of the other restaurants in the city that sport exposed brick and other rustic elements, we decided to punch up the decor of Gyoza Bar with hits of elegance to offset the inherent roughness of the space. This was achieved with hits of gold tones, moody blue-grey paint, striated marble tile, and eye catching lighting.

Sara Gillespie


Ramen Bowls by Hide Ebina

Serving as frames for their intended culinary dishes, Hide Ebina’s bowls are grounded in an aesthetic of beauty and function, and punctuated with a contemporary edge. He apprenticed at a traditional Japanese kiln and has been a potter for over 30 years. Hide, born in Japan, has an active studio in Vancouver where teaches and creates ceramics for commissions and gallery exhibitions.

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