Aburi Brand

Bringing a fresh and innovative concept to Vancouver’s sushi scene

Aburi, or flamed seared sushi, was developed nearly a century ago in Japan. The act of applying fire directly and lightly sear is known to enhance the natural flavors of the fish. Owner Seigo Nakamura innovated the Aburi concept by creating specialty sauces and using non-traditional Japanese ingredients to complement the unique taste properties of each fish.

Seigo’s unconventional concept of ‘sushi without soy and wasabi‘ was unthinkable to Vancouver sushi-lovers in 2008, when he opened his first venture Miku.  Just three years later, Aburi hamachi (yellowtail) with avocado sauce, Aburi hotate (scallop) with cod-roe mayo and Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi fused with jalapeño have become the most-talked about and craved sushi in the city.  Our signature Aburi brand items are available at both Miku and Minami and Seigo hopes to continue building and expanding the brand across Canada.)