Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is both warm and inviting, keeping our newest venue true to its surroundings. Located in an age old heritage building, we have maintained as much of the original brick walls as possible – creating an environment that is both contemporary and classic. Our menu is designed to reflect this casual appeal while providing a high level of service and commitment to quality. Gyoza Bar is Owner Seigo Nakamura’s dream, which has been in the making for countless years. Vancouver’s first “Gyoza Bar” is introduced with great anticipation to the North American market.


Aburi To-Go is an elevated lifestyle grocery concept by Aburi Restaurants Canada, trailblazers in modern Japanese cuisine. A premier destination for consumers looking to enjoy fresh, authentic, and the most delicious Japanese meal and snack options available right inside Gyoza Bar.

Shoppers can find finish-at-home meal kits, ready-to-eat bento and bowls, savoury Souzai Shojin appetizers, house-made delectable Japanese desserts and pastries, exclusive cooking sauces, imported snacks, and soon, Japanese plateware. Look for our team of product specialists to provide the highest level of sincere, warm service to enhance the shopping experience.  

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